The Tobelhof is like an oasis: a place to meet friends, celebrate a birthday, arrange to see business colleagues and always, to eat well. 

In summer, you can sit out in the sunshine or beneath the shady trees in the garden. In winter, you’ll be cosy in one of the farmhouse parlours.


Over the course of the years, our patrons have decided on their favorite dishes.
These dishes are compiled here. They are independent from the seasons and available the whole year. Of course, the vegetable sides change with the seasons.
Our Fonds, Consommé, Soups, Jus and Sauces are all made from scratch in our kitchen.
Most of the vegetables and salads are from the local farmer Bertschinger in Hermikon.



Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 9:00am to 12:00am | on the 24th of December closed |
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